Whether your is to get in shape and stay in shape, to lose weight and improve nutrition, or to end chronic pain – Strolf is for you.

Strolf’s elite team of fitness and medical professionals are committed to client physical excellence by improving strength and endurance, stability and flexibility, balance, symmetry, alignment and nutrition through individualized programs designed to achieve the goals of each specific individual.

Gain without pain! … and, results at Strolf are guaranteed.

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Physical Therapy

The Strolf physiotherapy team is one of the most highly regarded physiotherapy teams in Canada. For many former clients who suffered from chronic pain and found no solution to their nagging discomfort, Strolf became their “last stop”. Their problem was solved. Read More


The chiropractors at the Strolf rehabilitation and peak performance facility possess a vast degree of experience in treating all forms physical ailments experienced by clients. Where traditional medicine often fails to treat the above issues, chiropractic care is often a viable remedy. Read More


Practiced for more than 2,000 years, acupuncture is one of the key components of Strolf’s traditional Chinese medicine treatments – treatments that estore the delicate balance of the body’s opposing, yet inseparable forces: yin and yang. Read More

Personal Training

Strolf has a team of 7 highly competent in-house personal trainers who are ready to assist you in improving your level of fitness. Whatever your fitness goals, Strolf’s experienced trainers have the ability to craft a program that is perfect for your needs. Read More

Massage Therapy

Massage is becoming increasingly accepted as a viable treatment for many medical conditions. Recent studies point to the effectiveness of massage in helping to treat a wide range of issues including anxiety, asthma, back, leg pain, neck pain, cancer, and more. Read More

Shock Wave Therapy

Strolf has received glowing praise for the results it has produced as a staple within many individual physical rehabilitation programs. The vast majority of patients experience a marked decrease in pain and increase in flexibility, in 1-2 treatments. Read More

Nutritional Counselling

Creating an individualized nutritional plan, Ruthy Tanenbaum C.N.P., Holistic Nutritionist, is here to help you achieve your ultimate health! Read More

Concussion Management

The Strolf Concussion Management Program provides real life support for athletes and individuals alike to help return them to normalcy and back to the sports they love. Concussion symptoms and side-effects vary greatly for each individual affected and it is imperative that they are treated in a timely fashion to reduce any long-term effects. Read More

Youth Self Esteem Programs

Life is hard. Finding your inner voice, inner strength and your sense of self as a youth can be even more difficult. Strolf’s Self Esteem Program helps youth discover the power they hold within and create a stronger sense of self, health and wealth! Read More



Custom Made Orthotics

World Leading Tamir Kfir Custom-Made Orthotics by Strolf! Our custom-made orthotics are worn by professional athletes all over the world, as well as individuals who are actively involved in fitness, training and those looking to improve their everyday cushioning, support and pain relief. Read More