Core Performance

Strolf’s unique program was originally created in 1994 to counteract strains, sprains and injuries inherent to golf, hockey, and tennis. Golf, as a “rotational” sport that strains one side of the body over the other, players often experience muscular imbalance and diminished body symmetry which leads to stiffness, chronic pain and increased susceptibility to injuries.
The Strolf System focuses on and improves core strength, stability and body balance in order to achieve proper swing mechanics, increase flexibility and enhance range of motion.

Today, Strolf has grown to a full service boutique providing tailored conditioning,trengthening, rehabilitative and health programs to clients committed to improving their current level of fitness and wellness.

…and, results at Strolf are guaranteed.

…the stretch team at Strolf is
state-of-the-art. Strolf goes
way beyond the others.

Gerry James,
Long Drive Champ”

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